Chase Ed Global explores the following areas within the farming sector

  • raw land that as farm development potential
  • Fixer Farms
  • Existing Farms that have Value Add Potential

Becoming self sustainable and in harmony with the environment takes significant planning ahead of implementation. Sometimes the bottom line must also be balanced by climate and resource conservation. Chase Ed Global core philosophy incorporates using people to accomplish most tasks as opposed to machines – whenever possible. In doing this we are able to assist the community with new jobs, career training, economic growth, and we do this working with minority and disadvantaged priority when feasible.

There is no substitute for hand-made and that includes farming!

But this is not to say that cutting edge technology, technique and innovative approach should not be utilized; quite the opposite in fact. The cutting edge is our focus and we train and equip our workforce with these innovative tools, equipment and techniques.

Chase Ed Global enjoys working directly with local and regional Higher Education resources in order to keep abreast of the latest techniques and in order to find new talented individuals to take our product to the next level.